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The Cherokee Area Transportation System (CATS) celebrates receiving a clean 2023 Triennial Review from the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA).

CANTON, GA (Nov. 17, 2023) – The Cherokee Area Transportation System (CATS) celebrates receiving a clean 2023 Triennial Review from the Federal Transportation Administration (FTA).

The triennial review process for transportation, conducted by the FTA, is a rigorous and thorough assessment that evaluates various aspects of transit agencies' operations. This assessment spans multiple areas, ensuring compliance with federal regulations, safety protocols, and operational standards.

“The review process typically covering a three-year period,” said CATS Director Greg Powell. “In our case it was extended to four years due to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This adjustment allowed for a more comprehensive examination of CATS performance and adherence to standards over a more extended operational period.”

During these evaluations, the FTA examines categories, including but not limited to ADA compliance, procurement procedures, drug and alcohol policies, and vehicle maintenance. Each area is analyzed to ensure that transit agencies adhere to set guidelines and maintain high standards in their operations.

“CATS’ commendable performance throughout the review is noteworthy,” said Cherokee County Public Services Agency Director Bryan Reynolds. “CATS received a clean bill of health with zero outstanding findings which is a testament to its dedication to maintaining impeccable compliance standards.”

Interdepartmental collaboration was a key to the evaluation's success. Several county departments that included Procurement, Finance, Risk Management, Fleet Maintenance and Property Maintenance worked in contributing their expertise and efforts to facilitate a successful review process ensuring that CATS met the necessary standards and requirements.

“The rarity of achieving this outcome, especially within an extended four-year review period and in collaboration with multiple departments, underscores CATS’ commitment to excellence in transportation operations and regulatory compliance,” said Powell.

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Located 30 miles north of downtown Atlanta, Cherokee County is part of the 11-county metro-Atlanta area. Cherokee County boasts a population of more than 281,000, according to the July 2022 Census estimates. It is the one of the fastest growing counties in the metro region and its overall Board of Commissioners-controlled tax burden per capita is one of the lowest in the region.  Cherokee County has award-winning parks and recreational facilities, is a destination for corporate headquarters and is a great place to live, work and play. Cherokee County is the best of both worlds because it’s where “Metro Meets the Mountains.” Learn more at


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